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Why am I still doing this?


Welcome to my new website and shop! Some of you may already know me from The Wildflower Paper Co which I set up a couple of years ago when I decided to go freelance with my illustrations and design work. But a lot has changed since then!

Life is very different for me. I am now married, relocated, and have a baby. Logistically, everything is so much harder. There are schedules and routines to stick to, naptimes dominate my days, and I spend too long searching for new baby recipes. It’s life-changing having to put someone else first all the time, and not something I have found easy. While not particularly difficult, babies are relentless. And yet life is fuller as well. There’s no one I dislike more than smug mums (except maybe smug preggos) but I suppose that is the category I fall into now.

My outlook on my work has changed as well. I started this business to escape the office life that I hated, trying desperately to make this into a career with office hours that would be socially acceptable when people asked that awkward question…’so what do you do?’ And while I am still working desperately hard, I now do it with a baby sat on my feet or during naptimes with a monitor by my elbow. This business isn’t my only focus now, and I think that is better for both me and my work. But just because I have a baby, I’m still me. There’s only so many times you can play peekaboo before your mind starts to disintegrate. I still want to work and achieve my goals, even more so maybe as I now have someone watching.

I wanted to make my business more personal. So while I am still loving the wedding stationery and cake toppers, I also want to write again and paint things that I would want on my walls and in the babies room.

So I’m still here. Just more tired and sometimes slightly distracted. And now as if on cue, someone just woke up from their nap.


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