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9 things that have made me happy (and 1 that didn’t)!

  1. Getting our sleep again. Arthur had a virus over Christmas so was up multiple times in the night with a high temperature and sickness. Then he had the mother of all colds and we basically spent our nights taking it in turns holding him, as he was only sleeping in his cot for about 30 minutes at a time before waking up bunged up and choking. Thankfully he’s over it now (and we didn’t catch it!) and for the past week he has been sleeping through again.
  2. Waking up early in the mornings. Another sleep-related one, but now we’re all sleeping again I’ve been getting up earlier in the mornings to get an hour or so to myself before Arthur wakes. It’s horrible getting up in when it’s so cold and dark, but it’s worth it to drink my coffee in peace.
  3. New babies. One of my closest friends recently had her second baby, and he is perfect. My heart stopped when I saw that she had sent a photo to my phone as I hadn’t heard from her for a couple of days and just knew he was on his way. Two under 2 now though, she is a brave lady!
  4. My ‘birthday letters to my baby book’ arrived, which I finally ordered after months of meaning to buy it. I didn’t realise there was a section for ‘on the day you were born…’ so I’ll add the details I can remember and some scans. But I’m feeling weirdly apprehensive about writing the ‘first birthday…’ section!
  5. Reading the birthday book to Arthur I bought months ago. It’s called ‘How many sleeps till my birthday’ about a little bear who is a few days away from his birthday. I got it along with a load of other books ages ago and put it away, struggling to imagine actually reading it to my nearly 1-year-old. He is pretty uninterested in it because there isn’t any buttons to press or flaps to lift, but it feels so surreal to read it as he has his bedtime bottle.
  6. Meal planning. We had a few cookbooks as Christmas presents and in a bid to get more organised and make life easier we’ve started planning our meals again. I also do the food shopping online now as it’s so much harder to do in store when I have a baby trying to eat the list, whingeing because he wants to get out and then falling asleep for a badly timed nap in the ca\r on the way home.
  7. I finally bought a new buggy that would be better off-road and fold down smaller for the car. I was driving myself crazy looking at travel buggies online and comparing them. In the end I bought a Baby Jogger City Mini GT and we’ve been really pleased with it. I walk the dog through the fields and down footpaths a lot and my Joolz Geo was getting so clogged up but this one is much easier with good sized wheels but still folds up small. I’m fully aware of how boring buggy-chat is, but it’s such a relief to now spend all my evening googling ‘off-road buggy that folds up small but has a big basket and reclines’. Yawn.
  8. Piano lessons. I always wish I’d learnt to play the piano when I was younger and desperately want Arthur to play it when he’s older. That John Lewis advert with baby Elton John killed me! Little did I know, Tom bought me a keyboard for Christmas so with the help of a few apps I’ve been slowly learning to play. It feels slightly odd to be learning a new skill and I’ve realised that as we get older we seem to give up on learning new things. I can practically hear the old rusty cogs in my brain turning as I try and match the music on the screen to my slow fingers.
  9. My boy’s birthday. Obviously, the main thing recently is his upcoming first birthday. I’m actually writing this the day before and it feels so bizarre. I keep thinking how this time last year I was completely unaware of that was about to happen! Tomorrow morning will mark a year of Arthur, the longest and fastest year of my life. We’re going to soft play in the afternoon, tea party picnic in the lounge for dinner and then a party at my mums for all the family at the weekend. He’s going to hate having that many people around and all wanting to hold him, but hopefully the cake will make up for it!


And one thing that didn’t make me happy…

Tantrums. My god, the tantrums. I know that the terrible two’s can actually start way earlier but we seem to have hit it from 10 months! A simple ‘Arthur don’t touch the plant’, being put down with his toys when I’m in the kitchen or that moment when he realises he’s just had the last spoonful of porridge is the end of the world and results in hysterical crying with tears rolling down his face. I’m hoping this is a phase and I will look back in a few months with my chilled out and relaxed toddler and be grateful we got through this stroppy period, but I have a feeling this may be him ‘showing his character’ as my mum keeps saying.

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